How it Works

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How it works!

The process of calling Adams County Crime Stoppers is simple.

You call (717)334-8057, which puts you in contact with the Adams County Crimestoppers command center. An operator will answer the phone and take down the information you wish to provide about a crime. He or she will never ask for your name, number, address, or any other identifying information.

Once you give us information, you will be assigned a code number, which is the only method Adams County Crimestoppers has of identifying you. You must remember this number, and provide it to a Crime Stoppers operator when you call back to check on the status of the information you have given. You must call Adams County Crimestoppers. We cannot call you, because we never ask for your phone number.

In the meantime, we pass your information on to the appropriate law enforcement agency, which takes action based on your information and reports back to us on whether it led to the solving or prevention of a crime.

When you call us back and give us your code number, we check with law enforcement to see whether your information was useful. If it was, you receive a cash reward.

To receive that reward, we instruct you to come to a public place at a specified time and date, where a Crimestoppers volunteer will meet you. Rewards are paid out in cash, no matter what the amount.

The promise of anonymity for callers is Crimestoppers most powerful weapon in the fight against crime. We do not have caller ID. We do not use *67. We do not record phone calls. Not ever